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Advent in F2

Every class at St Mary’s are preparing for Christmas by focusing on this special time of Advent.  In F2 we have made our own Advent calendar.  Each numbered star has a little task attached to it, based on prayer and kindness.  We are preparing for Christmas by carrying out a task each day.  We are reading the Bible stories about the first Christmas and our Sacred Space in class reflects this.  We have also started a travelling crib.  Each night a child will take home our special Advent bag.  Inside is a nativity scene, a candle and a special book.  We ask that you talk about the nativity scene together as a family.  We also invite you to light the candle and say a prayer together for anybody or anything that you would like to pray for in Advent.  We light the candle to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world.  Please record your prayer or share something that you talked about in the special book: be as creative as you wish!  We will share the book in class the next day.  We wish you a thoughtful and peaceful Advent.

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