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We have had lots of fun in EYFS exploring the current season in our Autumn theme.  Here in F2 we started with an Owl Babies focus.  Baby Owl Bill actually flew into our classroom to answer our questions!  We made junk modelling owls and acted out the story using story spoons. We worked together to use our phonics to write a list of ideas for exciting new foods for Bill to try, as he was so fed up with mice!  We are now reading the story of the Enormous Turnip.  We loved acting out the story and will soon be retelling the story using a story map.  We have also been finding out facts about Autumn and making our own Autumn books.

In maths we have been doing lots of counting using autumn objects such as conkers and pine cones.  We have been using conkers to do some simple addition by combining two groups to see how many we have altogether.  We have also been doing lots of number recognition games, such as ‘I draw a number on your back’.

In our creative area we have loved exploring different Autumn colours, through paints and colour mixing.  We have been looking carefully at the world around us, then making pictures and collages of autumn trees.  We have been cutting leaves and leaf shapes to develop our scissor skills.  In our playdough area we have exploring making different patterns using a variety of autumn artefacts.  We have also used a range of materials to make our own hedgehogs.

Our children went on autumn walks and collected a range of Autumn artefacts for our discovery table.  We have been examining and describing them.  We are now using them to create our own ‘transient’ works of art, just like Andy Goldsworthy!  

We have been busy in our outdoor learning environment too.  We have been making lots of fabulous recipes and Autumn soups in our mud kitchen.  We are currently having lots of fun in our fruit and vegetable stall roleplay area, acting out the different roles and taking turns. A busy, happy class!


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