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EYFS – No Pens Wednesday

Our school is taking part in Tameside and Glossop’s  Talking Together initiative.  This promotes language and communication as the most important building blocks for reading and writing.  We promote language and talk opportunities within our classrooms and encourage parents to seek out opportunities for talk at home.  Talking Together promotes monthly challenges to help this: for more information follow Talking Together Tameside and Glossop on Facebook.

As part of the monthly challenge our school took part in No Pens Wednesday on 4th October.  All pens and writing equipment were removed from the classroom and we had to rely on language and talking for communication.  We had fun playing listening games, sequencing familiar stories and talking about ourselves.  We talked about the different parts of our bodies  and labelled them together.  We shared stories, talked about them and sang songs together.  Lots of fun and learning and not a pen in sight.  

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