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F2 – Advent : Christmas is Coming!

In EYFS our new topic is Advent and Christmas.  We have been talking about Advent, making Advent wreaths and thinking about what we can do to prepare for this special time.  We have been thinking about how we can be more like Jesus during collective worship.

In our busy classroom we have been designing, making and wrapping presents in Santa’s workshop.  We have been building stables and the inns of Bethlehem in the construction area.  We have been making Christmas pictures using 2D shapes in the maths area and writing our numbers to 20.  In the writing area we are busy writing Christmas lists, letters to Santa and cards.   We have been reading nativity stories and are looking together at ‘Dear Santa’.  In our discovery area we are thinking about light and dark.  We have experimented with torches and described a range of Christmas objects.  We have been thinking about shadows and have been making our own hand shadow shows.  It’s the most wonderful time of the year!