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Fireworks Frenzy!

To finish our autumn topic in F2 we have been thinking all about Bonfire Night.  We shared our experiences and watched firework display videos together.  We generated describing words and pretended to be fireworks, whooshing and popping and crackling!  We recited firework poems together and wrote our own firework poems based on the noise words we had listed.  We are getting good at using our phonics to have a go at writing new words.  We are trying to include finger spaces between our words too.  In our maths area we continued our firework theme by writing numbers in glitter with paintbrushes.  In the malleable area we used jewels and glittery play dough to make firework patterns.  In the creative area we have made oil pastel firework pictures and 3D rockets from cylinders.  We loved marble rolling in paint to make firework art too.  Outdoors we used the ribbons to create some fantastic firework dances, making weaving paths around each other.

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