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Super Space!

We have have so much fun in our space topic, it has really brought out the excitement and creativity in our children.  We started the topic with some home learning where the children thought of things that they wanted to find out about space.  We used the internet and non-fiction books to answer lots of our interesting questions.  It turns out that the moon is not made of cheese after all!  Our main text was the Jill Murphy story ‘Whatever Next’.  We have acted it out and retold the story in different ways.   Baby Bear wrote us a letter asking for ideas of what to do in space; we used our phonics and our tricky words to write back to him!  We have been working hard at writing our ‘long legged giraffe’ letters: l,i,t,u,j,y.  Children have enjoyed practising these at home too.  In maths we have been identifying and describing 2D and 3D shapes.  We have hunted 3D shapes around the school and made space rockets from 3D shapes.  We have made space pictures using our 2D shapes.  We have also done lots of estimating and counting groups of objects using our moon rocks, as well as some adding by combining two groups.  We have done lots of creative activities including making cylinder  rocket models, oil pastel space scenes and play dough aliens.  Outside we have been ordering number rockets, blowing planets using our bubbles and making the International Space Station in the den making area.

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