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The Gingerbread Man

F2 discovered that our mystery visitor that messed up our classroom was, in fact, the Gingerbread Man!  We had a letter and book from the Little Old Lady telling us that he had ran away.  We made Lost posters for her which described him.  We have learnt how to retell the story using a story map.  This week we decided to bake the little Old Lady (and ourselves) new gingerbread men and we have written out instructions for how to do it. 

 In maths we just HAD to eat some gingerbread men to make a pictogram!  Our pictogram showed how many people ate the head first, how many ate a leg first and who went for an arm.  The vast majority of our class are head biters!  We have been adding and subtracting using the raisins on gingerbread men; we have been measuring gingerbread men using a variety of materials and we have been making repeating patterns.

Our creative class have been making stick puppets to retell the story in our puppet theatre area.  We have designed our own gingerbread men and made maps of the Gingerbread Man’s journey.  We learnt a song about the story and performed it with instruments.  We used beebots in ICT to programme a set of instructions to help the gingerbread man to reach the river.  Over in our construction area we have designed and made bridges so that the poor Gingerbread Man does not end up in the fox’s mouth!  We have also loved taking on the different story roles in our outdoor learning environment.