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The Three Little Pigs

We followed the children’s interests and have focused on the story of the Three Little Pigs for the second half of our Traditional Tales topic.  We have had fun learning and acting out the story in a variety of ways.  We made a story map together of the story, then changed parts to make our own tale: The Three Little Jellyfish.  Luckily they managed to escape from the Big Bad Shark!  This topic has generated some  fantastic writing, both in school and at home.  Other highlights have been our outdoor construction site, where our builders have been hard at work making houses for the pigs, as well as some fantastic houses made in our junk modelling area.  Our children have also made some very creative puppets of the characters, deciding themselves what type of puppet that they would make and how they would do it.  In maths we have focused on heavier and lighter and have been weighing different materials using our scales, making predictions first.  We are also counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and beginning to use this skill to solve simple number problems, like counting groups of sticks.  We have also been measuring the pigs’ sticks using cubes and rulers.

In our discovery area we have followed on our work about plants and growing by thinking about healthy food.  We have looked carefully at a variety of fruits and vegetables and discussed healthy choices.  We are currently designing healthy meals and shopping lists for the three little pigs.

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