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Y2 Visit to Staircase House, Stockport

Class 2D visited Staircase House in Stockport as part of their learning about the Great Fire of London.  The children really enjoyed their day.  They especially enjoyed dressing up and the opportunity to build their own house.  The children produced a persuasive leaflet, encouraging other people to visit Staircase House, when they got back to school.  This is an extract from Zara’s leaflet:

A Visit to Staircase House – the most exciting place on earth

What is it like at Staircase House?

  • Staircase House is the most stupendesest place on earth and is lots of fun.
  • Staircase House staff let you dress up as the most important people from the past and build houses.
  • They teach you fascinating and fun facts about the Great Fire of London.
  • They also let you draw pictures and sing songs.

By Zara Hogan, Class 2D