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RAF Cosford – Year 6

As part of their topic on WW2 and the Battle of Britain, Year 6 enjoyed a fun day at the RAF museum, Cosford. At the start of the day, the children attended a school, which was set up as if from the era and learnt all about the planes and people involved in the Battle of Britain. They had the opportunity to handle real life artifacts from the War, including an incendiary bomb (which Allie was allowed to hold!) and a chamber pot, which Jemima thought would be great for drinking coffee from.

Following that, the children explored different areas of the museum and were able to look at a number of different planes and vehicles.

 Following lunch, we headed to the ‘fun and flight’ exhibition and had a go at a number of science experiments which explain how flight works. In this same area, the children (and adults) were able to have a go on the flight simulator which was an especially bumpy ride. In the war in the air exhibition, we saw a number of the planes we learnt about in the morning, including: the spitfire, Messerschmidt, Junkers 88 and hurricane.

 Overall, a fantastic day and the children learnt an awful lot. Their behaviour and enthusiasm was excellent throughout.


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