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Year 6 Challenge Homework

After the success of the Alex Rider challenge homework, year 6 have now been given a new set of homework challenges based on WW2 and specifically The Battle of Britain.

Your challenge is complete 3 of these for homework. Each homework must be different and at least one must be an extended piece of writing. One will be collected in on each of the following dates:

  1. Monday 29th January
  2. Friday 9th February
  3. Monday 19th February

Create a non-chronological report about the Spitfire or Messerschmitt fighter plane. You

might want to include such things as: top speed, weight, no. of guns. It should be written out in full sentences and paragraphs.


Research a fighter pilot in the RAF during World War Two. Write a biography in as much detail as you can about their life.


Build a model of a spitfire or Messerschmitt fighter plane.

Write a diary entry from the point of view of a pilot on black Thursday. What would it have been like? Remember thoughts, feelings etc.


Create a timeline of the key events in the Battle of Britain. You will need to annotate each entry with a brief explanation of what happened and possibly a picture. This should be as interactive and engaging as possible.


Write a letter to one of the following people in the correct style:

–          A pilot back to his family.

–          A mum/ dad writing to their son

–          A child who has been evacuated to the country side.

Design and build your own shelter for families to protect themselves from air raids. What items would you put in the shelter?

Create a presentation about an aspect of WW2 of your choice. It could be children, food, evacuees, soldiers, weapons. You may use powerpoint if you wish.

Write a newspaper report about a major event during WW2. It could be the beginning of the war; the battle of Britain; the end of the war or another major event in the war.


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