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Charity Sleepover raises over £800!

Sixty children from KS2 had a great time at the Charity Sleepover on Friday night and raised £823.82 in the process.  In keeping the theme of raising money to help the people in the Philippines, children had a light tea of soup and a hot dog.  They then watched a film.  After the film, Mrs Farrell led a liturgy for the people affected by the typhoon.  The children then had hot chocolate and a biscuit, before settling down in their sleeping bags and watching a second film.  Eventually, eyelids began to droop and the children slowly went off to sleep – just after midnight!!

Year 4 were first to wake up at about 6.30am. Then, it was up, dressed and sleeping bags packed away – ready for a simple breakfast of toast and juice. And before everyone knew it Mums and dads were collecting their children.

The verdict from the children – a resounding success!  The staff…..they went home exhausted for some well deserved sleep.

The money will be split (50/50) between CAFOD and the PTA (to improve mobile technology in the classrooms).  Thank you for your generosity.