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Year 6 at Safe Squad

Today, year 6 attended the Tameside ‘Safe Squad’ in Hyde to learn about a variety of ways of keeping safe both now and as they get older.

Firstly, the children watched some scenarios that may affect them as they move to High school, such as: the correct use of 999; dealing with peer pressure; reporting and witnessing crime; learning what is a hate crime and the best way to tackle certain situations. The children gave some fantastic answers and showed great maturity, which was commented on by the actors and Police.

Following this the children learned about digital safety and how to stay safe online. They watched some videos about the effects of not staying SMART online. Again the children were very knowledgeable and gave fantastic answers and showed they are very aware of how to stay safe online and on social media.

Finally the children took part in fire safety, especially in their own homes and also they had the chance to have a go at CPR and putting someone in the recovery position.