Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher Ms Deidre Reeves
Deputy Headteacher Mr Andrew Whittle
Assistant Headteacher Mrs Rita Farrell
Assistant Headteacher Mrs Wilson-Sly

 Teaching Staff:

Year Group Teacher
Nursery Mrs Joanne Southam
 Reception Mrs Helen Shaw
 Year 1 Miss Rebecca Davies
 Year 2 Mrs Lauren Nickeas
 Year 3 Mr Edward Birch
 Year 4 Mrs Rita Farrell
 Year 5 Mrs Jenna Wilson-Sly
 Year 6 Mr Andrew Whittle

More information about our school organisation can be on our Ethos and Values page and to learn more about a specific year group please see our Year Group pages, also accessible via the main menu.

Learning Support Staff:

Mrs Andrea Bardsley Mrs Lynnette Barker
Mrs Tracey Cheung Mr Robert Clarke
Mrs Pat Evans Mrs Pauline Fisher
Mrs Sally Ann Lewis Mrs Eileen Price
Mrs Cathy Smith Mrs Chris Walker
Mrs Clare Wilson  
Administration and Finance:
Miss Kay Dovey Mrs Denise Fitzgerald
Site Manager Ms Kath Kiedrowski
Cleaner Mrs Rachel Morton–Smith
Cleaner Mrs Janet Williams
Midday Supervisors:
Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Rachel Morton-Smith
Mrs Veronica Ashton Mrs Janet Williams
Mrs Janet Lees Mrs Gill Murace
Mrs Joanne Reedy Mrs Annie An
Mrs Mecarla Walker