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F2 – Under the Sea

The children in EYFS are really enjoying our Under the Sea topic.  In F2 we have been reading Commotion in the Ocean.  We have been looking at the different describing words, moving like the sea creatures and making the sea creature noises with our musical instruments.  We have been writing our own riddles for under the sea creatures: using our phonics and tricky words to write a set of clues so that our friends can guess the sea creature.  We have also been making our own Under the Sea books in the writing area.  In maths we have been adding and subtracting in many different ways: using bead strings, objects and by drawing pictures to help us.  We are also halving groups of objects: we are dividing up groups of shells between two mermaids.


We have mermaids and mermen in our role play area too.  We have used our own artwork to create an underwater world and made ourselves tails from shimmering fabric.  We have engaged in underwater small world play both indoors and out, and enjoyed making submarines with the crates.  In the discovery area we are looking closely at shells, describing them and making observational drawings.  There has been some amazing creativity coming from our creative area as the children have imagined what creatures could be living down in the deep, dark sea.


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