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Our Winter Topic

We have loved learning all about winter during this half term.  We have read non-fiction books about winter, looked at how to use a contents page and made our own winter book.  Now we are focusing on the story of Stick Man.  We have retold the story through play and by following a story map and this week we are going to add a new page to the adventure.  We have had lots of different writing opportunities, including writing Stick Man speech bubbles and making Lost posters to help the Stick Lady Love to find him.  We have also enjoyed sharing our favourite Julia Donaldson books from home and telling the class all about them.

In maths, we have been counting backwards from 20. Try practising this at home, can you count backwards without skipping out any numbers?  We have also been finding the number one more and fewer than a number using objects.  Last week we started doubling using snowballs.  We can also double using our fingers!

We have been very creative, making winter paintings and pictures, making play dough snowflakes and snowmen.  We have used our camera to take photos of our own creations too.  Indoors and outdoors we have been playing and experimenting with ice: making predictions and asking questions about what is happening.  We have also been thinking about the birds in this icy weather.  We followed a set of instructions to make bird feeders which we have hung in our outdoor space and wrote our own shopping lists for the things that we needed to buy to make them.

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