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Talking Together

Here at St Mary’s we are supporting and to promote Tameside’s Talking Together initiative.  Please visit for more information and please ‘like’ the Talking Together Tameside and Glossop Facebook page.  The initiative focuses on the importance of talk for child development and there are different themes and challenges every month.

The challenge this month is: 

Family Games Night – we are encouraging all families to have a games night – this might include playing board games, playing some of the games which will be posted on the Facebook page which don’t involve any props (e.g. charades, I spy, 20 questions etc.) or children making their own board games.  Children in EYFS have made their own Bear Hunt board games and invented their own rules for them which they are taking home to share too.  Making the games and talking about the instructions created lots of fantastic talk opportunities, as did playing them.  Feel free to share any of your games with the Talk Together Facebook page.  We hope you enjoy sharing them with your child: remember- play is our brain’s favourite way to learn!

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