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Year 6 enjoyed a fantastic day out in the picturesque village Hathersage in the Peak District on Tuesday. As a reward for all their hard work throughout the year they were taken away for the day to study the village and learn about it’s history before enjoying an afternoon in the outdoor swimming pool.

Shortly after arriving the children met their guide (Mr Whittle snr) and embarked on a tour of the village which involved finding out information and details about the village (such as Little John is buried there) and completing a quiz. Following this, they walked to their lunch destination up a very steep hill and settled down for an al fresco lunch; after they had escaped the midges! After descending the hill the children finally made it to the pool where they enjoyed an afternoon which mainly involved jumping in; getting out; jumping in; getting out; jumping in and so on.

The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and their enthusiasm and behaviour was exceptional with even members of the public commenting on what a well behaved group of children they were. Well done to Year 6 on a fantastic day and my thanks to Mrs Smith and Mr Whittle snr for helping.