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Eco-Schools Vision Statement

1. Saving Money

We hope that by making small changes to the environmental management of St. Mary’s it will result in some financial saving. This will be achieved by cutting out draughts, closing doors and windows, switching off lights and appliances when not in use will help reduce energy bills.

2. Recognition and Publicity

Through Eco-Schools we hope to raise the profile of St. Mary’s, in a way that is enjoyable and rewarding for the whole school community.

Celebrating our success will encourage people to work towards the next level and continue to be involved in the project long-term.

3. Links to the Curriculum

At St. Mary’s we are aiming to incorporate a variety of environmental topics into our curriculum, developing creative ways of learning for all pupils. It will provide real in –school issues for the children to investigate in a scientific and analytical way. Learning about being an Eco-School will provide the children with an overarching framework, helping pupils understand and link issues together, i.e. the connections between transport and pollution or management of the school grounds and increased biodiversity.

4. Links to the Community

We will aim to build strong partnerships with the local community; a vital part of Eco-schools, ensuring pupils can become more engaged in the decision making. It will involve as many pupils as possible, both inside and outside school, to raise their awareness of environmental issues.

5. School Improvements

Eco-schools is a project that all of St. Mary’s can work towards. It will provide an ideal focal point for across the year groups. By encouraging our pupils to take responsibility for the environmental management of our school, we will help them develop an increased sense of responsibility for their surroundings.