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Y4 History Trip the GMP Museum

Year 4 enjoyed a trip to the GMP Museum on Friday, where they were able to extend their learning of crime and punishment, which is the topic that they are focussing on in History. At the museum, through looking at historical documents and photographs, we were introduced to Owen, a real Victorian thief and followed him through the charge office, cells and courtroom on a justice journey. We learnt about what would have happened in a Victorian Police Station, how it might have felt to spend a night in a cell, and finally followed the case to court, working together to decide on the sentence. We also discovered more about Victorian policing and investigated the life of the ‘Peeler’. The children had great fun trying on different uniforms and handling different artefacts that would have been used by police officers! As a class we were then judged by the museum staff on whether we would be good enough to join the Victorian police force.