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Farewell Gingerbread man, hello BEARS!

Last week we finished our Gingerbread Man theme in F2.  We made our own gingerbread men in the malleable area.  We designed and made different vehicles in the construction area to help the gingerbread man to escape!  In literacy, we read the story from the sly fox’s point of view.  We learnt that he had no money and was so hungry, but the shop keeper refused to help him, so he ate the gingerbread man.  We came up with a list of suggestions for what the fox could have done instead: these included checking his piggy bank, eating at his friend’s house, going fishing, and even getting a job!  We wrote letters to the fox to tell him all of our ideas.

This week we started our new bear topic and are currently reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  We invite you to share different bear stories with your child at home.  The children can bring in their favourite bear stories to share with the class.

We have followed children’s interests on the investigation table after several children brought back shells from their holidays.  We have been drawing shells and pebbles, describing them and sorting them.