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Talking Together – The Brilliance of Books

Here at St Mary’s we promote Tameside’s Talking Together initiative, which is designed to encourage speaking and listening skills amongst young people.  Talking effectively is so important for children to be successful readers, writers and in other areas of learning.  In school we create lots of opportunity for talk within our lessons and our daily routines.  Please visit Talking Together Tameside and Glossop for more information.

This month’s theme is the brilliance of books.  Reading helps to develop children’s listening and attention skills, their understanding and their spoken language.  This month’s challenge is to share a variety of books with your child at home: you can share home favourites, share our school library books and even take a trip to Denton Library.  Please share what you have read with us at school using Tapestry or your school reading record.  In school, we will be sharing and re-enacting lots of ‘Under the Sea’ books to match our theme.  Can you find any under the sea books to share?

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