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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!

We have had a wonderful time engaging with our bears topic here in EYFS.  Our main text is Michael Rosen’s ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.  We have shared the story, reenacted it outdoors and retold it using a story map.  Next we will be changing the story to add our very own part to it.  We have also been retelling the story on our small world table and have made our own bear hunt puppets for the puppet theatre too.  In our maths area we have been grabbing handfuls of bears and counting them out in 1s and 2s.  We have been finding more more and less than quantities of bears too.  We have also been thinking about halving by sharing fruit between 2 bears for their picnic.  We have made playdough bears, plus bear caves in the construction area and in the junk modelling.  We have shared many bear books and talked about our favourites.  It has been lovely to see so many children engaging with our topic at home and bringing in work that they have produced.  What motivated learners we have!