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Faith Life

Collective worship

The children of F2 did an amazing job of leading our whole school collective worship for the first time.  The focus was our church family.  The children retold the story of Jesus being lost at the temple,  shared the different members of our church family and sang their hearts out with three beautiful songs.  Great job, F2!


First Holy Communion

Congratulations to our final group of Y3 children who made their First Holy Communion last weekend. Our thanks to Fr Joe, Sr Dolores and her team of catechists who prepared the children so well. Please pray for all  the Y3 children and their families as they now continue their faith journey.


‘Lost and Found’

This week, the children have been retelling the story ‘Lost and Found’. They enjoyed coming up with fantastic actions and using loud, clear voices to retell the story. In Collective Worship, the children learnt about Jesus’ Sacred Heart. They reflected on how they could show kindness to other people. The children have also looked at the miracles Jesus performed and how he helped others. They then wrote prayers and thought about things they might want help with this week. 


F2 Our Church Visit

After starting to learn about some of the features and artefacts in a church, today the children of F2 made a visit to our church to see them for ourselves.  Fr Joe spoke to our children about the altar, the lectern and the bible, the candles, the tabernacle, the font, the holy water and the statues in the church.  It was wonderful to have the opportunity to look around and to ask questions.  F2 parents: can your child talk to you about what they saw in the church?


Y1 Class Prayer and Liturgy – Miracles

Y1 led our prayer and liturgy beautifully this week. They took the theme of miracles and acted out the story of the Calming of Storm. The children spoke clearly and confidently and reminded us that Jesus is there to help us in stormy times as well as in calm moments. Thank you Y1.


First Communion

Congratulations to the Y3 children who made their First Communion at St. Mary’s Church this weekend.  Well done children. We are so proud of you.


Y2 Assembly

In Year 2’s liturgical prayer this week, we celebrated the upcoming feast of Pentecost. The children shared the scripture and acted out the story. They explained the meaning of the Holy Spirit in detail and shared details of times they have felt filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Y3 Assembly

This week, Year 3 led our liturgical prayer. Their focus was on the importance of having faith and as part of this the children acted out the story of Doubting Thomas. They did an amazing job of learning their lines and acting on the day, which made it very special. We ended by singing along to our hymn – Sing Out an Easter Song, the words of which echoed our learning around faith. 


Y3/4 Easter Play – ‘Roll Back the Stone’

Thank you to everyone who was able to come along to watch our Y3/4 Easter Play – ‘Roll Back The Stone.’  The children were excellent. All the children sang with great enthusiasm. The narrators retold the story of Jesus’ passion with confidence and clarity and reminded us of the joy of the Easter message. Well done Y3/4!

KS1 Easter Bonnet Parade


RE Through Art

The children of F2 have been transfixed by the Easter story. This week, we talked about how Good Friday is the saddest day, but it is soon followed by the happiest day- Easter! The children understand our important symbol of the cross and it has been lovely to hear that many of our children have shared the Easter story at home with their parents.  We have made beautiful Easter cards in class too: the children used pastels to create a cross shape, learning a smudging technique to create the effect.  


Easter Gardens

Thank you to everyone who made an Easter Garden this week. They are all fantastic, clearly showing how much time and effort has been spent creating them. The gardens are currently on display in the school hall.


Tango’s Big Adventure

Years 1 and 2 had great fun watching Tango’s Big Adventure. The children listened and interacted well throughout the performance. They were the perfect trainee zookeepers. The children learnt that no matter how different we are, we are all family and are all loved.



GIFT team’s Lenten reflections.

This week the GIFT team went into classes to deliver a Lenten reflection. The children shared scripture from the book of Joel and reflected on the importance of reconciliation during this time. The pupils were asked to go forth and write then decorate crosses containing  their own Lenten promises.



Y2 Prayer and Liturgy

Year 2’s class liturgical prayer took place this week. The theme was based on the scripture verse ‘Love one another as I have loved you’ and the children told the story of the feast of St Valentine to develop this message. The class also described how they could live out these values in their daily lives and spread God’s love to others all around us.

Y4 Prayer and Liturgy

This week 4P had their class liturgical prayer. They explained ‘The Feast of Presentation’ to the school community. The children read from the gospel of Luke and discussed the importance of how Simeon and Anna recognised how special baby Jesus was when he entered the temple. The children shared their ideas and ways we can find something special in each and every one of us. 


GIFT Team Advent Collective Worship

GIFT Team delivering their Advent collective worship to Year 1.


F1 advent

In F1 we have been learning about Advent and the special time in the lead up to Christmas day. We have a class calendar which a different child opens each day with an act of kindness for us to complete as well as part of the Nativity story. We have been learning about Jesus’ birth and read stories to find out what happened. The children have retold the story using props and figures. We are all very excited about Christmas and have been talking lots about what we would like Santa to bring us!